Luxury Living in the City for My Mother

When I found online while looking for a new living arrangement for my mother, I thought it was too good to be true. My mother is getting up there in years and really she needs a new place to live. She’s lived here for her entire life and can’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s interesting because although we live in one of the most important cities in the world, location means a lot here. And her location isn’t good for her as she gets older. It’s difficult for her to navigate around the city to get where she needs to be.

I moved back to Singapore several years ago after spending a decade in the United States working for a large bank. I actually moved back in with my mother after my father passed away just so I could take care of her. The problem now is that I’m working so many hours that I can’t be around on a day to day basis to take her places. Continue reading “Luxury Living in the City for My Mother”